File sharing

The File sharing module allows you to store all documents related to the project with the possibility of attaching files of any kind. 

In the main window of the module – in the same manner as in “invoices” or “contracts” consists of a list of files which you might filter or sort. To ease searching the information in the main window – the name of the Beneficiary, date of creating the record, action(s), description and status – are visible. You might also download the attached file(s) directly from the main window.


  • Beneficiary from the drop-down list, select which one of the Beneficiaries’ document is attached. 
  • Status please select from the drop-down list whether the file should be used only internally or it is public. PLEASE NOTE! This option is only informative  – it does not influence the access rights to the files itself.
  • Actions –  please select from the drop-down list with which actions the document is related to. You may add more than one action. 
  • Description – please describe shortly the content of the document(s). Make sure that it is exhaustive but short as the description is visible in the main window of the module (the files list) and might be very helpful for those who are searching the information. 
  • Remarks – add anything that is important for those who will read the attached documents. Remarks are not visible in the main window of the module. 
  • Documents – by clicking “add” you may attach as many files as you need and of any kind (.pdf, .jpg, .doc, .docx, .xls, .ppt and others).