The Action tab is used for input about the actions planned in the project, together with the amounts planned in each cost category.

To enter a new action, specify an action code (in accordance with the numbering of action in the grant application form: A1, C1, D2, F1, etc.), its full name and the amount of expenditure provided for in the proposal. You must also specify the cost category (A-preparatory actions, B-purchase of land, C-main activities, D-monitoring, E-information and promotion, F-management).

In the further part of the form, bind the expenditure with cost categories (you can use R2 form from the grant application or General budget breakdown – costs per action).

After you finish typing the project budget, you can start using modules ⇒ procurements contracts  and ⇒ invoices.


In the next step, however, it is recommended that you enter into the system the team implementing the project by specifying the ⇒ employees.