Simple Time sheets

Simple Times Sheets module allows to track working time for employees that do not fill in Standard Time Sheets due to very low assignment to the project (i.e. 2 days/month). This might be true for supervisiors or experts.

System allows to record working time in such cases without the necessity of filling time sheets.

To be able to fill Simple Time Sheets please follow below described procedure:

  1. Go to Personnel module > Employees
  2. From the list of employees please choose the one who will from now on fill Simple Time Sheets
  3. in section “Time tracking mode” please choose “Simple” from the drop down list.
  4. Save the employee form.

From now on (from the month that the change has been made) the employee will be able to record her/his working time in a simple manner. To record the working time please folow below described procedure:

  1. Go to Personnel module > Simple Time Sheets
  2. Select the right employee from the drop down list that is visible in upper left corner and click “show”. A list of already recorded Simple Time Sheets will appear.
  3. Click “New” button in upper right corner of the window. A new Simple Time Sheet form for that employee will appear.
  4. Indicate the starting and ending date of the reporting period (in most of the cases it will be the first and the last day of the month)
  5. Indicate the total working hours in a given month. In most cases, for employee employed in 1 FTE it will be 8h * no of working days in a given month (i.e. for July 2021 it would be 31 days minus 9 days of weekends minus any other public holidays (in case of July in Poland it would be 0, but for France it would be 1 and for Belgium or Czechia 2 – in this calculation we assume that there are no additional non-working days in July) = 22 working days). In case employees employed with lower rate the total working hours should be estimated accordingly.
  6. Indicate the absent days – it covers only: annual holiday, sick leave or other type of employee absence. Do not include here weekends or public holidays – only individual absence of the given employee.
  7. Indicate how many of the working hours was performed within the LIFE project.
  8. Click “save”.

This will allow system to calculate the eligible personnel costs without need of filling time sheets. Please don’t forget to fill in also Employee personnel costs for that month – only then the eligible personnel costs will be included in the Financial Statement.

NOTICE! There are few things that should be remembered for this type of time tracking mode:

  1. Please be aware that Simple Time Sheets do not produce pdf files like in Standard Time Sheet module. You might be asked by your TMO or Contracting Authority to provide a reliable time tracking system documents that would indicate in more detail the working time of the employee.
  2. Please also bear in mind that for the given period there is allowed only one type of time registration mode – either Standard Time Sheets OR Simple Time Sheets. System will block an attempt to fill both Standard and Simple Time Sheet for the given period. If you’d like to change the time tracking mode – before filling in Standard/Simple Time Sheet for the given month – delete the existing data for that period.
  3. You can change your time tracking mode many times. The change though will be executed only from the month it was changed onward. So for example: if you execute the change from Standard (which is default) to Simple Timesheet on 12th of July – you’ll be able to fill in Simple Time Sheets from July onward. There is no possibility to execute this change for past months where timesheets have already been filled in. If you’d like to fill in Simple TS also for past months you’d need first to remove existing data from the system.