Employee personnel costs

Module Employee personnel costs allows you to quickly enter the cost of staff employed in the project through the monthly data input – employee salary together with the costs of all derivatives, and the date of payment.

When the beneficiary runs more than one LIFE + project under which the employee works, the application enumerates (based on the entered gross employee salary and filled time sheets) cost of eligible personnel costs. Note that it can vary significantly from what can be calculated on the basis of a simple calculation: monthly salary x the dimension of time assigned to the project). At the same time, the system allows you to split the cost (if it has been scheduled) into individual actions.

After clicking ‘employee personnel costs’ tab, the payroll of all employees in the project displays or in the case of limiting the rights (see ‘settings’ Users) payroll employees of your organization. By default, the current month is displayed. In order to view other months, in the upper-left corner indicate the month you want to see and then click ‘display’.

Selected or the current month can be exported to MS Excel file by using the ‘export’ button. only data on the remuneration of the selected month will be transferred to the file.

To enter the remuneration of the staff member for the month in question, click the ‘+ add’ button located on the left side of the name of the employee. It opens a simple form indicating name and surname of the employee and the month for which the salary is entered. In accordance with the data expected by the Commission, salary should be broken down into two components: 1) gross salary and social insurance pension, 2) other qualified components of remuneration. You must also specify the date of payment of the remuneration. As in the invoice form, leaving that field empty causes that expense is not taken into account as actually incurred within the framework of the project.

When you click ‘Save’ (if time sheet for a given month is already filled in by the employee) the eligible personnel costs shall be calculated (valid only for the given month). This is relevant only if the beneficiary carries out more than one LIFE + project to which the employee is assigned. Then the remuneration is dynamically recalculated according to information about hours worked on the project from time sheets.

PLEASE NOTE! When the salary is entered into the system earlier than the data to the time sheets 1) shares (eligible personnel cost) are not converted at all, 2) the remuneration is not regarded as expenditure actually incurred and is not transferred to the reports.


The cost of the eligible salary is calculated on the basis of the algorithms used in the LIFE+ Financial Statement. This means that the cost of eligible salaries is derived from the total gross salary which the employee received during the year, the daily rate (resulting from its working time) and the hours actually worked within the framework of the project. As a result, the personnel cost is dynamically recalculated by the system each time new data is entered in the section ‘personnel costs’ and in the ‘time sheets’. This allows to specify the actual costs up-to-date for the given month.

Eligible personnel costs depends on ⇒ time sheets