Additional information


Some of the categories of expenditure require the introduction of additional information.

Travel costs

That kind of costs concerns also those that are not invoices such as a business trip allowance or bussines trip order.

External assistance, Consumables and Other

 Please note that starting date and end date might be the same.

Durable goods

Depreciation value with VAT – please enter the invoice/other accounting document value with VAT (the amount should be same as “value with VAT” indicated in the main body of the form.

Depreciation value without VAT – please enter the invoice value without VAT (the amount should be same as “value without VAT” indicated in the main body of the form.

Depreciation total number of months – please enter the total number of months during which the durable good should be depreciated in beneficiary’s accounting books.

On a basis of those information system automatically calculates eligible cost for the project. Please note that depreciation is limited to a max of 25% of the total purchase cost of infrastucture and a max of 50% of of total purchase costs of equipment. 

Exceptions of this rule applies to:

  • prototypes, where eligible costs are equal to the actual cost
  • for LIFE Nature and Biodiversity projects the costs of durable goods purchased by the beneficiaries that are public bodies or private non-commercial organisation shall be considered eligible at 100%.

In case for your project exeptions apply, please enter “1” in “depreciation total number of months”. System will calculate 100% of purchase costs as eligible for the project.

For additional information please follow instructions given by the Annex X of the Model LIFE Grant Agreement.

 NOTE! The total number of months falling into current reporting period is calculated by the System while generation LIFE Financial Statement. The dates are taken from LIFE co-financier form, section Installments in Configuration -> Funding -> LIFE.

Land Purchase

specify the exact location of the land plot, its registration number in the land registry, surface, the number of the court registry/number of notarial act, the date of its signature and the name and surname of the notary drawing up the agreement, the purchase price per 1 ha and the costs of associated taxes. You should also provide (by checking the appropriate box) if in the corresponding notarial act has been made a clause of the irrevocable purpose of land for nature conservation purposes.

Land lease

provide the leased area, parcel identification number in the appropriate registers, the length of the lease and the frequency with which rent charges are made (monthly/yearly).